Sunday, May 9, 2010

What My Students Learned This Semester

Taking inspiration from Jo(e), I passed out index cards and asked my students to write down one thing they learned in class this semester.  These are the anonymous responses I received in the order in which I received them.

I learned that I am more radical than I previously thought.

I learned what To Write Love on Her Arms is. I also learned what kinds of issues my classmates are interested in.

I learned how to write a memo correctly!

I learned how to write an effective proposal.  And I can add it to my portfolio.  Yay!!

I learned how to do InDesign, which is really amazing because it will help me in future projects in school or jobs.

I learned in this class that I will never, ever, ever, have an abortion.  I always will consider myself as pro-choice.  However, I would be be able to, not even if it was rape.  I wouldn't take the morning after pill.

I learned how to give A LOT more detail in writing.  I know that I am a good writer, but I coast on my already handy skills.  However, now I feel like I'm more capable of writing better.

I learned how to use InDesign, which was awesome.  Before this class, I didn't even know what InDesign was.  Now I am going to see if I can download it and get even more familiar.

I learned how to write a grant, which I hope will land me a job.  I also learned new perspectives on life (Our Bodies, Ourselves; Notorious HIV, etc.).

I learned more about the female body that I thought I ever needed to know.  Reading The Vagina Monologues was a lot of fun, and I never would have read it otherwise.  Learned about layers in InDesign.

How to write a memo, kind of.

The one thing I learned this semester is how to turn an Adobe project into a PDF.

I learned more about sexuality.  Actually, through research for our projects, I learned more about bisexuals and bisexuality.

Rob Reiner is a feminist.  How to create backgrounds in Adobe InDesign.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Action List for the Remainder of the Semester

We have reached the point in the course where I turn it into a workshop.  I do not require attendance until the last day of class, Monday, May 4.  I will be in our lab during every class meeting to give you time to work on the final project and to ask me questions and seek feedback.  BE AWARE THAT THE LAST TIME I TAUGHT THIS CLASS, STUDENTS SAID ON COURSE EVALUATIONS THAT I SHOULD REQUIRE EVERYONE TO COME TO CLASS ON THESE DAYS BECAUSE MANY OF THEM SAID THEY DID NOT MAKE USE OF THIS TIME AS WELL AS THEY COULD HAVE.  I am still not requiring attendance because we're all adults, but be aware that I will not be too sympathetic to anyone who claims the need for more time to complete this project if you're someone who was not in class daily working on it.  That said.
  • Complete DWA #15 and get it to me by the start of class on Wednesday, April 21.
  • Complete any extra credit you wish to complete as stipulated in the prompt.  I will not accept late extra credit for any reason.
  • Complete revisions of either memo and get them to me as stipulated in the Revision Prompt.  I will not accept late revisions for any reason.
  • Complete the brochure and get it to me as stipulated in the prompt.  I will explain how to convert your InDesign documents to PDF at the start of class on Wednesday, April 28, for those who need to know it.  I will not accept late brochures for any reason.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Action List for Monday, April 12

  • Reread the prompt for the Grantwritng Project to ensure that you have covered all elements of the assignments.
  • Email the Grantwriting Project to me anytime after class today and before noon on Saturday, April 10.
  • Make decisions about the topic and purpose of your grant for Monday's in-class activity.

Monday, April 5, 2010

P/NP and Grade Status

I found out that I do need to sign forms for people who wish to switch from P/NP to a grade and from a grade to P/NP. If you are someone who was hoping to change your grading method for the course, then I will be in my office from 12:30-1:00 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, April 6. You can meet me in my office (Auerbach 212B), and I'll sign it.

If you can't see me then, you can put your form in my mailbox or in the box on my office door. I will sign it and then leave it for you to pick up where you left it for me. I have to leave by 1:00 to make it on time to an off-campus appointment, so I have to have signed your form by 1:00 for this to be able to take effect.

Prompt for Memo Revisions

As I've mentioned several times, you have the option to revise one of your memos.  You can only revise a memo that you have actually written.  If you chose to skip a memo, you obviously cannot revise it because you have nothing to revise.  If you wish to revise, you need to do the following things.
  • Revise your memo, obviously.  Remember that revision is more than fixing a few commas and awkward phrasings.  You should take my comments into account, but revising an essay means more than treating my comments as a checklist.  You should go over your essay and my comments and decide what needs to be done to make the essay better.
  • Describe your revision process to me.  In the email to which you attach your revised memo, you should tell me what you did to revise.  This means saying more than, "I fixed the organization."  It means telling me what you did to make the organization better.  Did you just move things around?  Did you cut one section to make room for a new one?  Tell me what I should see.  I will not grade any revision that arrives without such a description.
  • Email your revision to me by noon on Friday, April 30.  I cannot accept late revisions for any reason because it's already the end of the semester, and things will be tight.
You can turn in this revision at anytime before the deadline. You can only revise one memo, and you can only revise it once, but you can complete the revision now or later.  I recommend bringing your revised draft by my office for us to discuss if you are especially concerned about your grade.  As always, ask questions as they revise.

Action List for Wednesday, April 7

  • Remember that the last day to drop a class, change from P/NP to a grade, or change from a grade to P/NP is Tuesday, April 6.
  • Finish drafting your grant proposal and begin revising; let me know what questions you have as they arise and/or schedule an appointment with me during office hours to go over your draft.
  • Complete DWA #13.
  • Know that class on Wednesday will focus on introducing you to Adobe InDesign, so make sure to be here if the program is new for you.